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In mixtura, Katharina Bäuml and Margit Kern have for several years been carrying out projects which bring together composers and languages from widely separated eras. The shawm, a reed instrument of the 14th century, represents the spirit, sound and perform- ance practice of the Renaissance, whereas the accordion stands for the experience and tonal world of New Music. Her first CD, “Miniatures,” appeared in 2011 with new pieces dedicated specifically to mixtura. The present recording contrasts three very different new works com- missioned especially for this release with medieval music by Guillaume de Machaut. The musicians made new arrangements of his works for their ensemble.



[Translate to English:] mixtura – Schalmei und Akkordeon

Accordion and shawm – there could hardly be a greater contrast between instruments – at least at first glance. During the 14th to 17th centuries, the shawm – a double-reed wind instrument – was widely used. Performing together with the cornett, oboe and trombone, the Middle Ages and Renaissance are its musical home. Town piper ensembles as well as representative and sacred music determined its world of sound.

On the other hand, for about 50 years the accordion – an aerophone of the 19th century – has been evolving into a concert instrument on the classical concert podium. Many contemporary composers write music for it and have learned to love its tonal aesthetic.

What can a combination of such very different instruments achieve and reveal today?

Margit Kern and Katharina Bäuml were convinced from the beginning that it would have to be more than merely an experiment. A new beginning, a journey with an unknown destination. The present recording involving nothing less than an encounter between different historical periods and musical cultures; it really is more than merely a tonal experiment:

The past becomes the present again, the new is presented in a different context, and sound combinations emerge the likes of which have never before existed. In doing this, both instruments leave their historical context. The accordion, with its own unique possibilities steps into Renaissance and early Baroque repertoire. The shawm, with its virtuosity and special archaic sound, calls to life completely unexplored areas with great potential for today’s composers.



Folgende Komponistinnen und Komponisten haben bereits für mixtura komponiert: 

Sidney Corbett
Eduardo Flores-Abad
Alex Gorji
Karin Haussmann
Joachim Heintz
Sharoukh Khajenuri
Babette Koblenz
Snezana Nesic
Sarah Nemtsov 
Samir Odeh-Tamimi
Tatjana Prelevic
Erwin Koch-Raphael
Annette Schlünz

Eigene Arrangements erstellten die Musikerinnen von Werken von  

Orlando di Lasso (1532 - 1594)
Guillaume de Machaut (1300 - 1377)
Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck (1562 – 1621)
Francisco de la Torre (1534 - 1594)